Paladin™ Technology

Paladin™ technology is unique to The New Zealand Sock Company, and developed with world leading podiatrists Paladin™ is designed to take socks from the forgotten article to a key player in foot health.

Paladin™ technology came about  in our revolutionary Lifesocks™ range but today is utilised throughout our range in a variety of mixed styles.

The Paladin™ protection pad is a U shaped cushioned pad placed specifically on the top of a sock to protect the bony provinces of your foot and allow blood flow to the dorsalis pedis artery. It works by creating a raised area around the artery to prevent shoes from exerting excessive downward pressure or crushing down on the artery which results in restricted blood flow.

Why is this so important?

The Paladin™ technology was originally developed with diabetics in mind - with the compromised blood flow to extremities that comes along with diabetes it is important to protect the dorsalis pedis. The original purpose is also why you will see the "pulse point" device with a paladin protection pad - this serves as a visual reminder to the wearer to actively check the blood flow to the foot to prevent loss of blood flow which can quickly result in ulcers and many other issues.

I don't have diabetes so why do I want Paladin™ technology?

Paladin™ was Originally developed for diabetics, but as we have progressed over the years we have realised just how important this protection is for everyday wearers and sports people. Many individuals suffer from poor circulation to the feet resulting in cold extremities which can benefit from some arterial protection. Sports pursuits which increases blood flow to the feet, increasing pressure in the shoe and promoting heat related swelling creates a need for protection, aiding in relief of foot fatigue, reduction of shear forces to the top of the foot and decreasing recovery time.

What sets Paladin™ Lifesocks apart?

Lifesocks™ were designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Left and right foot shaping, strategically positioned padding along with paladin technology and a seamless toe enclosure provide superior comfort and a blister free environment. Finally the high stretch double cuff and trademarked Elastic Support System™ (ESS™) ensures low compression promoting circulation and a sock that won’t bunch or ride down.

ESS™ - Elastic Support System™

The elastic support system is where elastics are strategically knitted into a sock to assist in its function. Some socks will have more elastic in them than another depending on the purpose of the sock. In addition the power and weight of the elastics will vary depending on the machine being used and the type of sock being knitted.

ESS™ provides a customised fit and support by locking the sock to your foot and lower leg with minimal compression. A close snug fit is  essential in helping to reduce friction and shear forces that are more likely to take place in a sloppy ill fitting sock, particularly if the person wearing them is active.
Special elastic feeders are attached separately to the machine to allow for the adjustment of the tensions in the elastics within the structure of the socks to provide the support and fit needed.